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Kiku Standing Table

Kiku wanted to surprise her husband Johnny with a gift. At 85 years old, with an active and engaged mind (and strong legs), he had come to realize that sitting still for long periods caused him significant lower back pain. But he wanted to continue reading, writing and computing at his desk. Kiku initially went on the search for an easel that would allow him to stand or lean on a stool. No luck. So this past spring, she and her four hounds wound up at my door with a question: Can you build something that will help Johnny with his lower back pain? Simultaneously, the idea of standing desks gained some measure of popular recognition with an article in the New York Times.

Based on his height (5'10"), we decided to build a desk (34") and this standing desk (44"). My design challenge was to integrate articulating surfaces and adjustable height functions while maintaining elegance. Johnny wanted it to be an heirloom for his children one day— a "lasting" piece. That suited my aesthetic perfectly.

Black walnut with sassafrass drawer interiors.
Drafting surface articulates from 0 to 70 degrees.
Through drawer opens both directions and serves as a tray.
Detachable pencil/paper trap secured with rare earth magnets.
Red maple support hinge and stand bases.
L 24 x W 24 x H 42.