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Work Chair

The Work Chair is a reductive design exercise. How to maximize the simplicity and strength of the joinery and minimize the amount of material required to build a chair. And it has to be comfortable for someone with a bad back. And be available in a version that ships flat and assembles with knock-down fasteners. The design parameters were subtle and highly restrictive- the result is strikingly simple, with ergonomic principles based on the ideas of Peter Opsvik and Galen Cranz.

The body wants flat planes to extend into and stretch against- most important for seating are the height of the seat back (lumbar support ) and the open space beneath it. Getting these right means that the spine is encouraged to take its natural S-curve rather than the C-shaped slump that most chairs encourage. And the firm planes of the Work Chair facilitate stretching, lengthening, and movement: exactly what the body needs for long-term seated health. The Work Chair is also available with an optional curved backrest that has proven the most ergonomically useful. These chairs may look minimialist, but their final design stems from core ergonomic principles.