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All housewares leave the studio with 100% edible walnut oil and beeswax finishes. Unlike industrial wood finishes, these are free of both toxic solvents and solids and are easily refreshed. If you are worried about nut allergies, contact us about mineral oil finishes.

The luster of oil finishes will fade with each washing. To rejuvenate, rub in a thin coat of walnut or mineral oil. Walnut oil provides superior protection.

Wash with warm soapy water.
Air or towel dry.
Oil often (see below).

Microwave, bake, freeze or dishwash.
Soak or subject to standing liquids.

Tannins naturally present in wood, especially black walnut, can react with metal in the presence of an acid (e.g. carbon steel knife + lemon) to create a black stain. Keep well oiled and clean them after each use to avoid staining.

Warp: Handleboards and Half Bag/Fish Trays should be used on both sides and stored on edge to prevent warp. If it develops, simply oil and place the concave side down until the warp equalizes (usually only a few hours).

Over-oiling: It is possible to over-oil wood, particularly bowls, which have a lot of exposed end grain. If you only eat oily things (such as dressed salad) out of your wares and wash them gently, it is likely that little supplemental oiling will be required. Keep an eye on things— avoid the look and feeling of saturation. Cutting boards are much harder to over-oil, but it is still possible. Get to know your tools!