custom work

Coming soon.

Stowage designs are based on the idea that everything has a place; if we are to enjoy being organized, we must enjoy putting things in their proper place. This is not how many of us normally find ourselves living or working, but it isn't always our fault- our spaces for storing the tools of both life and work are often lacking. The Japanese had it right several centuries ago in the golden age of tansu. Tansu is cabinetry; unlike western built-ins and drawers, which are concieved of as vacuous spaces intended to hold whatever we have before we throw it away, tansu were often built with to house certain small objects that were expected to always be around. That is what we're after.

There are many stowage designs under development. These often grow out of customer suggestions: ‘Can you do something like this?’ or ‘I need something that serves these two fuctions.’ If you have something in mind or haven't been able to find the stowage for your favorite kitchen knives, drawing pencils, or just about anything, let me know about it! Or sign up for the mailing list to keep up to date as new cranewalk designs become available.